A convenient on-demand transportation service that connects the calm life in the suburbs of Prague with the city center.

My Role

Lead designer, responsible for the design delivery of the products and the professional development of 2 other designers. Building two different apps: 

• An app for the passengers; 

• An app for the drivers.

The work

• Product development team with 3 designers, PO, developers, and agile coach, working with Scrum; 

• Remote work.


Prague, like many other cities in the world, has a great public transportation system. However, for people that live in the suburbs of Prague, there are few options to reach the city. 

Citya comes to solve this problem, picking up passengers heading in the same direction with big vehicles (up to 6 passengers).

The vehicle picks the passengers up at a stop near them and drops them at a stop near their final destination.

Backlog prioritization

Together with the Product Owner and the business management, we define the steps to launch the MVPs of the passenger app and driver app.

In the design team, tasks were classified as small (1 point), medium (3 points), and big (5 points), considering their effort, so we could check our performance on every sprint. They were written on Jira and divided between us.

Discovery workshops

Every week, the team made workshops with the business management team, to understand the needs of the apps, present designs, and build the next steps together.


Different UX processes were used to make sure we were creating a valuable product.

Some of them:

• Competitor Analysis;

• User Interviews;

• Usability tests;

• User Journey Maps.

MVP Result

Passenger app:

Driver app:

Next steps

• At the time I left the project, the MVP of both apps was about to be launched in Czech Republic, so the team intention was to take rides with different passengers and drivers, to write notes, make interviews and observe the behaviour;

• A Dashboard to manage the whole service Was being built, so the fleet operators could support the drivers and passengers;

• New features were being developed, like “pre-booking  a ride” for passengers.

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